Saturday, August 27, 2011

Still Here


I have done a piece since completing the Hamlet poster, but no peeking for ya'll. Some pieces are personal, and one of a kind. So, you get a picture of linochad as a consolation prize. It was on my desk posing for this photo, but within days it had worked its way around the carpeted areas of our house.

I worked very hard today on inputing items into my Artfire store. I haven't made it to 60 items yet, but one year of hard work has resulted in 40 items. That's enough for me at this point. Since the art isn't flowing in a fast and furious manner that it once was, it's time for grunt work and search engine optimization. Ugh. Facebook. Ugh. There must be a better way. Somebody send me a Google+ invite, I implore you.

The perfect is the enemy of the good. I will be ready to cut the ribbon on my good store by September 5th.
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  1. You see art in everything! Like the picture. You go girl!

  2. When can we see it ???????????